What NCS is

As you may have heard, Intel has recently released its Neural Compute Stick (NCS)a fanless USB dongle that enables machine learning on low powered systems. The NCS is powered by the low-power and high-performance Movidius VPU. Intel has released the NC SDK (Neural Compute SDK) to let developers and scientists create new amazing applications. The SDK currently supports models written in Caffè, Theano, and TensorFlow.

How NCS works

After you’ve created an amazing performing model (or if you’re using a pre-trained model), you can profile the model in order to compile a tuned version ready to be embedded. Another amazing feature of this tiny piece of hardware is that you can plug into your PC (or prototyping board) several NCSs, in doing so, your software will perform much faster, without any additional code. Now take a moment to think about the number of new applications that this kind of device can enable, for example a network of learned machines looking for anomalies in a factory.

Where to buy

The NCS is pretty affordable (you can buy it for 80 bucks). Find more info about where to buy the Neural Compute Stick here.